15 Tips & Tricks You NEED To Win In Pyramid Solitaire Cube And Promo Codes For Cash Back!!!
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15 Tips & Tricks to Win Pyramid Solitaire Cube

What is Pyramid Solitaire Cube?

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a classic game of solitaire that adds a competitive twist. It is a fast, fun card game that’s perfect for your pocket. It is a legit card game developed by Skillz and offers real cash prizes if you won.

Pyramid Solitaire’s goal is to combine cards into pairs that total 13. (hence the alternative name; Solitaire 13). The game’s fundamental rules are otherwise quite straightforward.

Through the iOS App Store, Pyramid Solitaire Cube is accessible to iPhone and iPad users. The game is also available for download through the Google Play Store for Android users.

Tips and tricks to win Pyramid Solitaire Cube

If you want to win every time you play Pyramid Solitaire, you’ll need to use more than one strategy. In general, the best Pyramid Solitaire strategies are:

  1. Since you’re on the clock, you need to move quickly.
  2. Getting rid of the Kings as quickly as possible
  3. Knowing which cards to play now and which cards to play later.
  4. Try to match as many cards as you can before the game is over.
  5. Plan ahead and put cards you’ll need later in the Free Cell.
  6. Knowing when a game can’t be won so you can re-deal.
  7. Your first move is to pick a card from the stock.
  8. Try not to take cards from the Draw pile.
  9. If the Free Cell is open, Table cards can be matched with other Table cards under them.
  10. Pairs made from the Draw pile are worth 50 points, but at the end of the game, they are worth 100 points.
  11. Try to match cards after gathering as much information as you can.
  12. Trying to take cards from both sides of the pyramid in an even way.
  13. Try to match the pyramid cards with other pyramid cards to get more points. Use cards from the Draw Pile only when you have to.
  14. When playing cash games, you can learn more about your opponent’s strategies by watching replays of the game. You can then use those strategies in future games.
  15. Lastly, remember that Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a game of skill, so keep practicing and getting better at your strategy. The more likely you are to win the big prizes, the better.

Watch the video below:

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How to Set up Pyramid Solitaire Cube

  1. Download the application

2. Tap the ‘Play Now” button

3. Sign in if you are an existing player or sign up if you are new. You can also rename your avatar.

4.Tap the “Begin Match Now” to start

Features of the game

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a solitaire card game with a twist that includes:

• Play traditional pyramid solitaire by matching cards that sum up to 13 to win.

• If you play your cards appropriately, a special “free” slot allows you to solve the toughest decks.

• Each round just lasts a minute or two, but the game is so entertaining that you’ll want to play for hours.

• The greatest experience available has very fluid touch controls and animations.

• Play for as long as you want without being forced to see adverts all the time.

• Players may compete head-to-head in tournaments with many other players or in larger, multi-player settings.

• In head-to-head games, the person who ends with the most points wins. Both players solve the same deck.

• With Skillz, you may compete against individuals from all around the globe and earn leaderboards, medals, real or virtual prizes, and rewards just for playing!

• About 75% of the world’s population may participate in prize competitions. The following states do not permit prize tournaments: AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN. You may still play for pleasure with our virtual money even if you don’t reside in a location where actual prizes are available.

How Does The Pyramid Solitaire Cube Game Operate?

One person normally plays Pyramid Solitaire. All you’ll need is a 52-card deck and a little amount of room. How to prepare for a game of Pyramid Solitaire is as follows:

– Deal the cards face down in a pyramid configuration after shuffling the deck.

-Up to seven rows, you may start with one card on the top row, two cards (side by side) on the second row, three cards on the third row, etc (the seventh row having seven cards). In general, each row should just barely touch the one above it.

-Your pyramid ought to contain 28 cards when it’s finished. To make the draw pile or “stock,” the remaining cards should be arranged face-up on the playing surface. But just the top card ought to be seen.

-There may also be a “reserve row” of six face-up cards below your pyramid that you may match with at any time, depending on the game’s regulations.

Basic Guidelines

  • Take all of the cards off the table.
  • Make pairs of cards that total 13 to remove them.
  • Both the Draw pile and the Table may be used to form pairs.
  • Hold cards in the Free Cell for later use.
  • There is a four-minute time restriction on each bout.

Fair matching

Players are paired according to their skill compatibility to guarantee fairness. This implies that you will only be paired with people of a similar skill level while playing head-to-head against other actual players or taking part in multiplayer competitions. The game should, after all, be a lot of fun.

Pyramid Solitaire Cube Instructions: A Step-by-Step Guide

The fundamental guidelines for playing Pyramid Solitaire are provided here. Nevertheless, depending on where you learn and play, there are several forms and variants.

Step 1: Locate 13 pairs that match

Put each pair in a trash pile after you have found pairings that add up to 13. It’s crucial to remember that you can only play cards that aren’t covered by other cards. Thus, the bottom row must be where you find your first match.

Step 2:Locate Potential Blocks

It’s difficult to win certain hands. Early acceptance of this fact may help you save a lot of time and hassle. Pyramids with all of a certain rank situated one or more rows behind their match are a common example of unwinnable hands. However, you normally don’t need to worry about this if you’re playing Pyramid Solitaire on your phone.

Step 3:Move the top stock card to the discard pile.

The number of matches available may be increased by moving a stock card to the discard pile. This is due to the fact that it allows you to play the original card that you discarded face-up while also revealing a second card in the stockpile.

Step 4: Play till the game is finished.

Up until you win the game, keep looking for matches using a mix of free cards, discarded cards, and top stock cards. You’ll often go through your stash many times.

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What Are The Pyramid Solitaire Cube Card Values?

Pyramid Solitaire has the following card values:

  • Ace: 1 point
  • Jack scored 11 points.
  • Queen: 12 points.
  • King scored 13 points.

A King counts as a “pair” by itself, it should be noted. It is not necessary to match it with other cards. The value of every other card is its face value (i.e., 4 of Hearts is four points, 2 of Spades of two points, so forth, and so on).

How Pyramid Solitaire Cube Scoring works

The positioning of the cards on the table and in the draw pile affects the scoring in Pyramid Solitaire Cube. Over 3,000 points are considered great scores, and 4,000 or more is fantastic! Pyramid Solitaire Cube has three different methods for players to earn points:

  • Base score – This is the total you get for every combination that is considered to be legitimate. The score depends on where the paired cards were drawn from; if both cards were drawn from the pyramid, the score would be +150; if one card was drawn from the pyramid and the other from the Draw pile, the score would be +100; and if the matched pair came from the Draw pile, the score would be +50.
  • Card bonus – These extra points are awarded dependent on how soon you can eliminate all of the cards in the pyramid. After all the pyramid cards have been eliminated, you get an additional 50 points for each card that is still in the draw pile.
  • Time bonus – Since each battle lasts four minutes, you should score as many points as you can within that time. For each second left, after you finish, you will get an additional +4 points.

How can I earn real money in Pyramid Solitaire Cube?

Your prize wins are often made up of the extra money from promo codes and the money that both you and your opponent bet. Pyramid Solitaire Cube may be profitable if you play the game skillfully, demonstrate your expertise in multiplayer tournaments, and go up the leaderboards.

You get concrete rewards for winning the game, such as real money and extra virtual currency you can use to place bets in multiplayer games. Your profits may be sent to PayPal or other platforms that the Skillz platform supports for payments.

Is Pyramid Solitaire Cube a legit game?

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a legit mobile game that can be played for free. It is a classic card game of solitaire with a twist and is available on iOS and Android platforms. It has received mixed reviews from players and critics, but it is still doing well.

Check the reviews below about Pyramid Solitaire Cube

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a legit game that can earn you real money. You just need to put in some effort and time to get your hands on your prize.

Is Pyramid Solitaire Cube easy to play?

Yes. Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a simple and basic game to play. But winning isn’t always achievable. In several circumstances, blockages or going through the deck of stock cards three times before matching all cards cause the game to terminate. The game is probably deemed difficult, straightforward, infuriating, and addicting all at the same time because of this.

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Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a classic easy-to-play card game of solitaire that has a competitive twist. Players may compete head-to-head in tournaments with many other players or in larger, multi-player settings. You may compete against individuals from all around the globe and earn leaderboards, medals, real or virtual prizes, and rewards just for playing. The game is available for Android and iOS users. Winning might be difficult if you have no strategies but if you acquire the tips and tricks on how to play the game, you might end up always winning.