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8 Tips & Tricks to Win on Spades Cash

What is Spades Cash?

Spades Cash was developed by Skillz. Spades Cash is a mobile version of the classic card game Spades. It takes luck out of the game, making it more about strategy and skill.

Now you don’t have to wonder if you would have done better if the cards were shuffled differently. When you don’t have to rely on luck, playing cards becomes a lot more fun.

In Spades Cash, you play by yourself and get your own points. You then compete with players from all over the world in tournaments to win cash prizes. More importantly, there are no ads that stop you from playing.

8 Tips & Tricks to Win Real Money on Spades Cash

1. Bet on the higher spades.

You can win the round if you have any Spades worth 10 or more. In this game, the general rule is that if you have an Ace of Spades, you will always win. In the same way, if you have a King of Spades and an Ace, you can be sure to win.

But if you have two or fewer cards of any suit, you can bet on Spades from 7–9. If you can’t follow suit, you can use low spades as trumps.

2. Increase Your Chances of Winning Tricks by Betting on Kings and Aces

Add up all of your Kings and Aces before the game begins. It will give you a ballpark figure for how many tricks you may win altogether. Then you may place a bid for this number. The Kings and Aces always cause you to win a trick in this situation, unless topped by a Spade.

Throughout the game, keep in mind that you should refrain from wagering the King if you have a King but no other card in that suit. This is because of the strong likelihood that other players will play a Spade or an Ace of the same suit to win the trick.

3. Remember the card that was played

You should always keep an eye on the cards, especially the high cards that other players have played. So, you’ll know when a certain card in your hand will help you win the trick.

Let’s say you have a Queen of Diamonds and someone has already played an Ace and a King of Diamonds. If you play your Queen in this situation, you have a good chance of winning the trick.

4. Don’t play cards with low value. If you’re in second place on a turn

If you are second on the run, don’t play a Spade or a higher card. Since you are second in the turn, it could be easy for players who come after you to beat you. When you are in the second seat for the round, get rid of low-value cards that can’t help you win.

Imagine that the person who is in the lead has played an 8 of Hearts. If you have a 9 and the King of Diamonds, you should play the 9. But if you play the King, the person next to you can beat you by paying any Spade and taking your King.

5.Bidding based on position

Your position for that round can have a big effect on how many bids you make.

For example, if you’re the last person to play, you can play more low-value spades because it’s less likely that a higher-value spade will beat you.

If you’re first, on the other hand, you need to be more careful with your bids because you don’t know what the other players have.

If you’re first or second in the rotation, you should play more carefully. But if you’re one of the last few people to play, you can bid a bit more freely.

That’s all we have to say about how to play spades by yourself. Now, let’s look at some team-play spades strategies.

6. Queens’ tricks can be risky

If you have a Queen but only one or two other cards of the same suit, a King or an Ace from another player might beat the Queen. Also, if you have a Queen and more than two cards of the same suit, someone might beat the Queen if they don’t follow suit.

If you have a Queen of Diamonds and a 2 of Diamonds, you have very few chances of winning the round with the Queen. So, if you play the Queen, someone with the King, Ace, or trump can beat you.

7.When to Avoid Bidding Nil

Although it is a hazardous wager, bidding zero may be profitable if done properly. Knowing when to bid nil and when not to is a key component of the spades nil-bid approach.

If you only have one or two cards in your hand that have a possibility of winning a trick, you should generally consider making a zero offer. Even then, placing a 0 bid might be dangerous.

Only when you hold a majority of numbered cards and no honor cards do we advise placing a zero bid.

If you have any of the following cards, you shouldn’t make a nil bid

  • 4 or more  spades
  • King or ace of spades
  • a single honor card in any suit.

8. Win Tricks as Early as you can

By using high cards and spades in the early stages of the game, you may take multiple tricks. You can get more tricks and points by doing this.

Click the video below on how to do it:

Promo Codes for Spades Cash

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How to Download and Start Playing Spades Cash?

  1. Download Application

2. Sign in if you are an existing Player or you can create an account if you are a new Player. You can also personalize the name of your avatar.

3. Tap the “Begin Match Now” button.

How does the game work?

Playing Cards

  • One Round in solo mode and two rounds in Team mode
  • Players take turns playing one card at a time, Matching the suit of the first cards suit when possible
  • The Highest value card wins – this is known as winning a “trick”. Aces are the highest card in each suit.
  • However, if a Spade is played, the highest-value will win instead.


  • You Begin the game by making a bid, based on how many tricks you think you or your team can win with your hand.
  • If you choose NIL (Zero), you must avoid taking any tricks. A NIL bid is worth 75 Pt. if you’re successful, but -75 Pt. if you fail.

NOTE: You will not gain any points for tricks if you bid NIL.

Avoid Bags

  • Any tricks earned over your bid are called overtricks, which result in a “bag”
  • If the bag limit is exceeded, there is a bag penalty at the end of the game.
  • Failing to reach your bid is also bad and it will cost you points equal to 10X your bid.
  • Avoid losing points by making accurate bids.

Hand Scoring

Spades Cash feature:

Solo gameplay

If you like to play Spades and want to play without interruptions, Spades Cash is a great choice. This is because you’ll play against computer-controlled opponents in every game, and they’ll all get the same deal. The overall winner is the player who gets the most points against the computer players.

Games with more than one player

Spades Cash also has a brand-new way to play: head-to-head competitions between multiple players, which are powered by the Skillz platform. Skillz pairs you up with other players who are about as good as you are. This makes sure that you always have a fair chance to compete. Skillz tokens are used as entry fees for multiplayer games, and when you join a competition, you can see what kind of prize pool you’re playing for.


When you start a round of Spades Cash and look at your opening hand, you will be asked to make a bid based on how many tricks you think you can win with that hand. The game will tell you how many tricks they think they have, and you can then place a bid from NIL to 13 tricks.

Don’t forget that a NIL bid means you won’t take any tricks, but it’s worth 75 points in the end. This means that if you’re right, it can pay off, and you can’t take any tricks while playing your hand.


As you play, any tricks you win that are worth more than you bid give you a “bag.” If you have two bags at the end of the game, you lose 20 points. If you don’t reach your bid, you can also lose points at a rate of 10 times your bid. As a result, overtricks and overbids can cost you valuable points, so it’s important to bid as accurately as possible.


The score for each hand is based on how many bids you make, how many bids you miss, how many NIL bids you make or miss, and whether or not you have won two bags during the hand.

Each match is given a score based on your hands’ scores and a few other factors. For example, you’ll get 100 points for each trick you get instead of a bag. You’ll also get an extra 50 points if your opponents get bags. Keep in mind that each bag you get costs you 25 match points and could hurt your hand score.


Some of the things you might be able to get are point bonuses, rank bonuses, and time bonuses. If you match your bid, you get a point bonus. A rank bonus is based on your overall point score and ranking. If you come in first, you get an extra 2,000 points. If you come in second, you get an extra 1,000 points. Lastly, a time bonus adds five match points to your score for every second you finish early.


As you play Spades Cash and earn Coinz, Ticketz, and money, you’ll move up through different play levels. Using the app, you can trade Ticketz for different Skillz rewards, such as stickers and Popsockets, bonus cash, and gift cards.

The objective of playing Spades Cash

Spades is a trick-taking card game, like Euchre or Pinochle. Games like Rummy, on the other hand, are set or meld-building games. There are a set number of rounds in which each player plays a card. In each round, the player with the highest-value card (the “high card”) wins and gets all the other cards. This is also known as taking a book or taking a trick.

The suit of Spades is the best in the game, which is how it got its name. The goal is to get as many books or tricks as possible and get to the winning score as quickly as possible. But it’s best to win exactly the number of books you bid on. Depending on the version of Spades you play, if you are overbid or underbid, you may get fewer points or none at all.

Terms You Need to Know Before You Play

You should know a few terms before you start playing Spades. You can use this Spade’s glossary while reading this article or while playing the game.

  • Book – The total number of cards played by each player per trick or book. There are 10 points for each book. Unless it’s an extra trick, in which case it only counts for one point.
  • Bid – The number of books each player thinks they will win in a hand.
  • Blind bid – Bidding before any player has a chance to look at their cards.
  • Hand – A “round” of playing Spades with dealing, bidding, and playing.
  • Board – The board is the least number of books that either team can bid on. It is usually four books.
  • Boston – Getting all 13 cards in one hand and winning.
  • Nil – A person who bids “Nil” says they don’t want any books. When both partners agree to go Nil and not take any tricks between them, this is called a “double nil.” This is a hard bid because players won’t have a partner to help them by taking tricks.
  • Blind Nil -Bidding that you won’t win any books without looking at your hand first. If the person who goes Blind Nil has an Ace of Spades, which is the highest Spade in their hand, they would go “set” on this bid.
  • Bag – The books a player or team wins that are worth more than what they bid for them (also called extra tricks).
  • Sandbagging – Underbidding your hand.
  • Renege – means that a player doesn’t play a card from the lead suit.
  • Set – A team is “set” when it can’t get the number of books it bid on at the beginning, which means it loses points.
  • Follow suit – Players must play cards of the same suit as the lead card, unless they don’t have any cards of that suit in their hand.
  • Breaking Spades – A player “breaks spades” when they can’t follow suit and instead play a spade, which is always the best suit.

What are the rules for Spades Cash?

Once you know how to play, Spades isn’t hard. But at first, the rules can be a little hard to understand. We’ve written out step-by-step instructions below that will make your first few games easier and more fun.


Spades is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, so the Jokers must be taken out before the game starts. After the cards are dealt and mixed up, each player gets 13 cards. Usually, no one picks up their cards until everyone has been given one.

Card Rank

In Spades, the order of the cards is about the same as in most other card games. Cards are ranked from most valuable to least valuable, with the Ace being the most valuable and the 2 being the least valuable. As trump cards, spades are always the strongest cards in the game. They beat all other cards except spades that are higher in rank. This means that a deuce of Spades is worth more than even a face card of another suit if it is played.

Most of the time, players must do what is being done. This means that if the first player plays a Heart, the next player must also play a Heart unless they don’t have a Heart in their hand.

But if you don’t have a card that matches the lead suit, you can use a Spade, or if you’re going Nil or Blind Nil, you can sluff off a high card from another suit. Usually, the first player can’t lead with a Spade in the first round of Spades. Not following this rule are:

You are holding only Spades.

You don’t have any cards that match the lead suit (other than a Spade).

After the first trick, it’s the lead suit, which is the first card played.

Bidding Rules

After looking at their cards, each player must decide how many tricks or books they will steal from the other team. First, the player to the left of the dealer says how many tricks they think they will win. Then, each player around the table, going counter-clockwise, says how many tricks they think they will win.

Every player has to bid, and every bid is written down. Usually, the minimum bid for a player is one and the minimum bid for a team is four.

How to Keep Score

Players get 10 points for each trick they win, up to the number they bid, unless they agree to something else. But if player overtricks, or takes more tricks than they bid, they only get one point for every book over what they bid.

Depending on the rules of the game you’re playing, if you over-trick more than ten times in a game, you could lose 100 points.

Here are some ways to keep track of the score: Let’s say a player bids “4” and wins “4”. If that happened, they’d get 40 points. But if they bid four and won six, they would have a score of 42. That’s 40 points for their bid and two more points for the extra tricks or bags they ended up taking.

If a player takes less than the number of tricks they bid on, they don’t get any points. For example, if someone bids five tricks but only wins three, they get no points.

Someone keeps score (typically on paper). This player is in charge of keeping track of the bids and keeping the score after each hand. If the game ends in a tie, everyone plays another round until one team comes out on top.

How Should a Beginner Play Spades Cash?

Playing spades might seem challenging at first. However, if you get the hang of it, it will come naturally. Simple step-by-step instructions for playing Spades for novices are provided here.

  • Choose teams
  • Establish the winning score.
  • Choose a scorekeeper before dealing 13 cards to each participant after shuffling the deck.
  • Make an offer.
  • One card every trick or round of play
  • Except when a trump card is played, in which case the highest trump card wins, the player with the highest-ranking card in the suit wins that trick.
  • At the conclusion of each trick, update the score.
  • The winner of the game is the first team to the winning score.

Pros and Cons of Spades Cash


  • Easy to use – Spades Cash is an app that makes it easy to start playing Spades for real money. It is well-made and easy to use.
  • Welcome Bonus – If you want to play for real money, Spades Cash has a good welcome bonus that lets you put in as little as $5 and get $10 in play credit in return.
  • The head-to-heads were set up in a fair way. It can be exciting to play with other people online, but not if you always lose. Spades Cash and Skillz have a strong matchmaking system that makes sure you only play against people who play at the same level as you do.
  • Clear tutorials. If you haven’t played Spades in a while or want to learn how bidding works, Spades Cash has clear instructions and practice rounds to help you get started.


  • Only iOS can be used to bid. Even though the Skillz Spades game is available on Android, you’ll need an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone to play Spades Cash and bid. If not, Spades Plus might be the best Android game for you.
  • The prize pools aren’t very clear. When figuring out your total prize, make sure to include the cost of entering the contest. For example, I entered a $1 Rookie contest that cost $0.60 to enter and had a $1 prize for the winner. Even though I won this contest, my money only went up by $0.40 because it cost me $0.60 to enter.
  • High requirements to cash in Ticketz. Like the games at Chuck-E-Cheese that give you tickets, you have to earn a lot of Ticketz before you can exchange them for something worthwhile. Just $1 in bonus cash costs 20,000 Ticketz, while a reward link for a $50 gift card costs 1 million Ticketz.

Common questions in playing Spades Cash

Is Spades Cash a legit thing?

100 % Legit! If you want to make a little extra money each week and love classic card games like spades, you should check out this fun game. The game is played by two or more players, who are each dealt thirteen cards and must form two hands of three cards each. The players then compete by bidding to determine which hand will be played first. A player may choose to pass and forfeit their turn, but if they choose to play, they must match the previous bid or raise it.

How much can you win by playing Spades Cash?

You can play for free against real people and win prizes, or you can play cash games and tournaments with prizes that can go over $1,000. This will give you a feel for the game while you keep getting daily rewards and other bonuses to earn more tokens and Ticketz.

You can start by putting in $5 or more to get into bigger cash tournaments. If you like to play cash games, be sure to take advantage of promotions that give you extra cash when you make a deposit. You can get your money at any time by just linking your PayPal account. This makes sure that your money is safe and easy to get to.

Spades Cash tournaments won’t make you rich overnight, but you might make enough to pay for a monthly subscription or a nice meal out every few weeks.

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The legitimate mobile game that is Spades Cash was created by Skillz. Players have the option to compete against one another and win real money as a result of their abilities. It has a user-friendly interface and is available for download on mobile devices running Android and iOS. Playing the game is not difficult and is a lot of fun. It’s possible that victory won’t come easily to you every time, but with the right strategies and techniques, you may increase your chances of winning.