Be a Pool Payday KING: Strategies(Tips and Tricks) and Promo codes 2022
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Strategies (Tips and Tricks) for the Pool Payday

With the advancement of technology, physical games can be played virtually. Although many online games have emerged in the past years, most are for fun only. But right online games evolve not only in their features but also it offers now real cash prizes.

In this article, we will discuss one of the most played games Skillz developed and that is Pool Payday.

What is Pool Payday?

Pool Payday is one of many Skillz games that provides online tournaments for players to win real cash and make money while having a lot of fun.

Pool Payday is a game where players can play pool in virtual reality and compete against other players from around the world. It is a game in which two players take turns striking the cue ball with the object of knocking one or more balls into other balls. The player who successfully does so then pockets all of the balls on the table. After each successful shot, the player must then shoot again from where they are standing. The game is played on a rectangular table divided into six pockets called “hundreds”. The cue ball is usually placed in a corner pocket called “the head spot” or at “the foot spot”.

In the pool, players must follow specific rules and guidelines to ensure that play remains fairly balanced and fair for both players.

Tips and Tricks to win in Pool Payday.

Pool Payday is a free online pool game. It is played by two players, with each player aiming to pocket the most balls in a single turn. The game ends when one player pockets all of the balls on the table or when time runs out. There are many ways to win in Pool Payday. This is a game that requires strategy and skill to win.

Tips and tricks to win in Pool Payday:

  1. Make sure English is here on The cue ball
  2. Pull the lever 90% back (not 100%) then release to break the balls.
  3. As much as possible do only tricks and shoot at the available highest multiplier hole.
  4. If the trick shoot is not available anywhere then you do a single shoot at the highest available hole multiplier. To learn more watch the video below:

Pool payday Promo codes

Here is the list of promo codes for Pool payday where you can get extra cash bonus.

  • TechMIKEig – get a free $30 bonus
  • YT-TheRealPoolKing – get a free $20 bonus
  • DarkJediSA – get a $10 Bonus Cash
  • Lottacheese – get a $10 Bonus Cash on you first deposit and then $5 in your second deposit.
  • Apget5 – get free bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.
  • 2F05J – get an extra $10 in bonus cash when you make your first Skillz deposit by using the promo code.
  • 1KEAB – get up to $30 in bonus cash.
  • AnnaD777 – get $15 in free bonus cash.
  • YourDriverMike – get a $20 bonus cash when you make your first deposit in any Skillz game.

How to get started in Pool Payday.

  1. Download the application. It is available on Android and iOS.

  1. After you download, open the application and click the “play” button.
  1. If you have an existing account you can sign in directly but if you are a first-timer click the ‘sign up” button. You can also customize your avatar name.
  2. Finally, After you sign up you can start playing now.

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Here are the following game modes you can find on Pool Payday:

  • Practice: Puts you together with another player who has the same level of skill as you do. You need the Z coin to play. In this mode, you can win Ticketz, league medals, and Z coins, among other things.
  • In brackets, you will play against more than one person. This mode also costs money to play, and you can win prizes like tickets, league medals, and cash.
  • Head-to-head is a game mode that costs money to play but gives you the chance to win prizes like cash, tickets, or league medals if you play well.
  • Real-time games are played live, one player at a time, against another player. Before you play, you can choose between an 8-ball pool and a trick shot pool. You can also choose whether you want to pay with cash or Z coins.
  • Events: This game mode has more than one player, and the goal is to see who can get the most points. Cash is also needed to play, but players can re-enter the game more than once to improve their score. There is also a total prize pool for each event. This prize pool is usually made up of cash and tickets, and it is given to the top scorers.

How much does it cost to use Pool Payday?

If you don’t play in cash tournaments, Pool Payday is free to use. Both the one-on-one and head-to-head games are free to play.

The cost to get into a cash tournament depends on how much money is at stake and how many people are playing. The entry fee usually starts at $0.60 for a prize of $1.

Some of the other fees for head-to-head matches are as follows:

Prize pool of $3 = $1.60 entry fee

Prize pool of $10 = $6 entry fee

Prize pool of $30 = $18 entry fee

$30 entry fee equals a prize pool of $50

Tournaments that last only a short time may have different versions.

If you take out less than $10 in cash, you have to pay a $1.50 transfer fee. Also, the cash-out process can take up to six weeks to finish.

Pros and Cons of Payday Pool

Here are the good and bad things about this game.


  • Live games and free, non-cash practice rounds
  • Head-to-head games of 8-ball and trick shot
  • Low cash fees to get in
  • There are many ways to get extra cash and points.


  • You may have to wait for other people to act.
  • Cash prizes are only given to the winner.
  • There aren’t cash tournaments in every state.
  • It can take between 4 and 6 weeks to get cash.

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To be successful in Pool Payday, you will need to put in the effort to learn the game and develop your skills. To everyone’s relief, Skillz attempts to create a level playing field by pairing players according to the abilities and talents they possess. This would provide every participant a great chance of winning the game, despite the fact that they may not be experienced players of it. Downloading the app and setting up an account are both you need to do to get started playing Pool Payday. If a player puts money into their account, they have the opportunity to win real cash prizes; but, if you simply want to play for fun, you are still able to do so without having to pay anything. Simply pressing the “withdraw” option makes it simple to get your hands on any cash rewards you may have won.