How to win in Blackout Bingo: Strategies (Tips and Tricks) and Promo codes 2022.
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What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is a Skillz game that you play on your mobile device. It is a tournament bingo game with real money prizes. The points from Correct Daub, Speed Bonus, Bingo, Bingo Bonus, and Boast Bonus is summed up and the one who gets more points is the winner.

Tips and tricks

Although, there is no concrete way to win in Blackout Bingo you can increase your winning percentage by doing some strategies. Here are some Strategies (Tips and Tricks)to win in Blackout Bingo:

  1. Fast to daub – When you fast to daub the number it can give you additional points it is called the Speed Bonus. You’ll get up to 175 points per perfect (fast) daub
  2. Avoid incorrect daubs – A correct daub of numbers will give you extra points, so you need to avoid incorrect daub of numbers.
  3. Scan your cards for important numbers before utilizing the Bonus Ball.
  4. Master boosting- Carefully boost to become an expert. Learn about the different types of boosts and wait to use them until they will help you get a total blackout. Look at your cards to find the most important numbers before you use the Bonus Ball.
    • The clock will give you additional time.
    • Stars will give you a free daub choose a number in a row that has already many daub numbers, this will make way for you to Bingo.
    • The game will give players a “Golden ball” which will give players a choice between four spaces left on the board number that is free to daub. Before you smash the golden ball, try to memorize a number of spaces so you may perhaps outclass your opponent and score an extra bingo.
  5. Free daub, golden ball, and x2 can’t be used until your third slot is full. This is to obtain the maximum points and avoid picking a free daub or golden ball that may be called (aka waste of a free daub). If you have an x2 as your final powerup, use it to create space unless you want to apply the advanced x2 powerup approach below.  
  6. In the closing 10 seconds of the game, use the x2 to clear as much of your board as possible.
  7. If you have an x2 in your third powerup slot, let the numbers come in without dotting until you don’t have much time left, then use the x2 and dot quickly.
  8. If you get either the x2 free daub or the x3 free daub, use it like a regular free daub and save it until you need it, trying to fill corners and then making bingos when the time comes.
  9. Just keep the column multiplier for as long as you need to.
  10. Postage Stamps-  Corner spaces are a great place to start daubing, not only because four corners give you Bingo, but also because they set you up for diagonal, vertical, and horizontal wins.
  11. Get more Bingos – more points are given when you get more Bingo. Always keep your bingos till the end, particularly if you have an x2 powerup since they only last a limited time and you may have all of your bingos doubled by 2, but make sure to activate it BEFORE you score bingo. Getting an x2 powerup early and saving it to increase your bingos is a smart strategy. Practice mode seldom gives me x2 powerups.
  12. Practice – You can play for free on Blackout Bingo. This will help you familiarize the game and its rules.

This video will show you how to do it:

Promo Codes for Blackout Bingo: Get Cash Bonuses 2022

If you are new to playing Blackout Bingo, you will find that there is a variety of promotional code options available to you. On the other hand, if you merely utilized someone else’s code, you can probably end up with a promotional code that offers a lower cash back. If you are looking for promo codes that can offer you a significant amount of money back, use any code from the list below:

  • Apget5 – get free bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.
  • 2F05J – get an extra $10 in bonus cash when you make your first Skillz deposit by using the promo code.
  • 1KEAB – get up to $30 in bonus cash.
  • AnnaD777 – get $15 in free bonus cash.
  • YourDriverMike – get a $20 bonus cash when you make your first deposit in any Skillz game.
  • 4KCGC – get a $20 bonus cash on your first deposit, and $10 on your second deposit.
  • MANCHILDvsLIFE – get $20 free bonus cash when you make your first deposit (minimum $2) using promo code.
  •  PlayMobile2021 – get a $20 bonus cash on your first deposit, and $10 on your second deposit
  • 2PlayFree – get a $10 bonus with your first $2+ deposit and a $5 bonus with your second deposit.
  • Mathu1997 – get a $10 bonus cash when you make your first deposit in any Skillz game.

How to Download and Start playing Blackout Bingo

  1. Download application.

2. Tap the Play Now button

3. Sign in if you are an existing player and create an account if you are new. You can rename also your avatar.

4. Tap the “Begin Match now”

What you need to know about the game’s special features

  • Everything you’ve earned, less any bonuses, is yours to withdraw whenever you choose.
  • Skillz Ticketz may be exchanged for real money or used to make purchases in-game. Every game results in brand new Ticketz.
  • Cash, ticketz, Z Coins, and other rewards may be earned via trophies and achievements.
  • As you earn medals, you will rise or fall in the current league rankings.
  • There is a round-the-clock staff of tech support specialists available to assist you with any issues you may be having with the game’s interface or other technical aspects.

Playing Blackout Bingo: The Rules and Instructions

  • Each column’s name refers to a letter in the game’s name: B, I, N, G, and O.
  • You’ll find numerical values in each of the columns. The values in the left-hand columns are always the minimum and the maximum in the right-hand ones.
  • As soon as the game begins, a timer will begin counting down and a colorful circle around a number will appear, followed by a letter. Those alphabetical designations correspond to the columns that need your attention.
  • Mark the matching number by pressing the corresponding button on your board if the two numbers match.
  • Once you’ve marked a whole, you’re eligible for a bingo.
  1. 4 Corners
  2. Diagonal
  3. Row
  4. Column.

If you want to complete the board, you need to start marking out as many squares as possible, including corners, diagonals, rows, and columns.

When the timer reaches zero, the game is over regardless of whether or not the board has been completely filled.

Here are some things you should know about Skillz games before you put money into them.

  • After you add money, you’ll be able to use it in ALL SKILLZ GAMES.
  • If you deposit $30, you’ll get an extra $10 to use in the game. However, you won’t be able to take the bonus money out of the game and put it in your bank account.
  • When you use blackout bingo promo codes, you’ll get a lot more money than you can use to play.

The Best Numbers for Bingo

Even though it’s not a rule, each of the letters in bingo has a favorite number. For letter B, you need to find the numbers that are the lowest. 19 through 29 are good for the letter I. The best numbers for the letter N are those that are less than 40, and the best numbers for the letter G are those that are more than 49. Most of the time, 60 to 70 are chosen by the letter O. There are a lot of chances for these numbers.

How to Play Blackout Bingo

  • With only 2 minutes on the clock and only one other player, the game moves very quickly. You only play with people who are about as good as you are, so games are fair.
  • Just get more points than your opponent to win a game.
  • During the whole game, you and your opponent will both have the same bingo balls and cards. When you match 5 numbers in a row, you get BINGO. You can get Bingo more than once during a game.
  • You get points every time you match numbers or get Bingo.
  • You get Ticketz whether you win or lose, and you can use them to get extra cash or prizes. So basically, you’re getting paid to play Bingo!

Daily rewards

When you play, you can get daily rewards that give you more Z tokens or Ticketz. You get Ticketz whether you win or lose, and you can use them to get extra cash or prizes.

I got two Ticketz just for signing up and playing a practice game and a real game. Ticketz work in tiers:

  • Bronze requires 0 Ticketz every month and earns 1x.
  • Silver requires 250 Ticketz every month to earn 2x.
  • Gold requires 50,000 Ticketz every month to earn 3x.
  • Platinum yields 4x Ticketz with 150,000 monthly Ticketz
  • Diamond needs 400,000 Ticketz every month to earn 5x.
  • Black needs 800,000 Ticketz every month to earn 6x.

You have to play a lot to get to the top levels, but Blackout Bingo, like many other bingo app games, can be addicting, and the more you play, the better you get at Bingo. The more Ticketz you get, the easier it is to double, triple, and eventually get six times as many Ticketz for play.

Bonus money

Here’s how Ticketz becomes free money: You can get extra cash for your Ticketz, which helps you enter contests where you can win real money.

20,000 Ticketz = $1 

20,000 Ticketz = $1 

35,000 Ticketz = $2 

80,000 Ticketz = $5 

150,000 Ticketz = $10 

280,000 Tickets = $20 

20,000 Ticketz = $1 

You can also get $20 extra cash if you tell a friend who then makes a deposit.

Pros and Cons of Blackout Bingo


  • Helpful online assistance
  • Prizes and cash from the real world
  • Bingo is fun to play and makes you better at it.
  • Simple to get and start
  • Free to get started
  • Available everywhere (except where cash games are prohibited)
  • Has a great program for using coupon codes to get free bonus cash


  • Some bugs that reset players’ level progress have been reported.
  • Can be charged a fee if they don’t do anything.
  • If you want to take out less than $10, it will cost you $1.50. If you want to take out $10 or more, it’s free.
  • You can lose real money
  • Players must be at least 18 years old.

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Common question in playing Blackout Bingo

Is Blackout Bingo Legit?

Blackout Bingo is a mobile game application that allows players all over the world to compete with other players and the best thing about it is that you can earn legit cash. Many people are playing with it including the known rapper Snoop Dog you can see it below on this article ( . So if you are still doubting, you better to stop and start playing and earning money.

Here some of the review about Blackout Bingo

How much does Blackout Bingo pay?

Blackout Bingo is one of the most popular games available right now, and it has been creating a stir ever since it was originally brought to consumers’ attention. The app takes $2 from each round’s winning player and gives them $10 as their prize. The player receives a payout of $4 for every game they win in Blackout Bingo. The player’s real balance would grow by $4 ($6 original stake plus $4 reward). The amount of money you may earn is dependent on the number of games you play and the speed with which you finish each one. If you spent an hour playing 25 games that lasted between 1 1/2 and 2 minutes each and won every game, you would earn $100.

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Blackout Bingo is one of the legitimate games that can be played on mobile devices. It is played by a large number of individuals all around the globe, including both anonymous persons and well-known celebrities. It’s true that you won’t always win easily, but there are ways to increase the possibilities of winning and improve your chances of doing so. The fact that it is a legitimate game isn’t even the greatest part of Blackout Bingo; the best part is that you can win real money playing it.