ZERO Lose In Solitaire Cube: Strategies (Tips And Tricks) And Promo Codes 2022.
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Solitaire Cube: Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes

Solitaire Cube is a mobile game that has been developed by Skillz it can be played on mobile devices. In this mobile game, players can win real money and compete in tournaments. It’s a game that challenges players to think strategically, as they try to move their cards around on the board in order to complete the game. To win this game you need to earn more points than your opponent.

Here are some tricks and tips you need to win in Solitaire Cube:

  1. To win, you have to solve more of the board, figure out when the game can’t be solved, and send in your score faster than your opponent.
  2. Don’t rush your first move; the clock doesn’t start until you do.
  3. Turn off the draw deck before making a move. This gives you more options and lets you make better moves.
  4. Move aces and 2s to the foundation at all times.
  5. Make a move that always shows a down card.
  6. If you have a choice, always move the card that lets you get a down card from the biggest pile of down cards, unless turning another card lets you get another down card.
  7. Don’t clear a space unless a King is ready to move in.
  8. Only put aces and twos on the side of your foundation stacks, or you can Allow a play or transfer that frees a downward or Open a spot for a pile transfer that moves a card down or makes room for a King who is waiting. 9.If you can choose between, say, a red king and a black king, look at the color of the blacking cards and choose the right color.
  9. You can undo your last move if you don’t like it.
  10. If there are two ways to move, pick the one that will lead to the next move.
  11. You must think quickly and right.
  12. Time is a great factor – if you have remaining time after the game it will be converted to time bonuses.

Watch the video below and learn how to do it:

How do you play a Solitaire Cube?

The Foundation, the Tableau, and the Draw Pile are the three card piles present in the playing area.

Foundation Stacks:

  • On the upper part of the play area.
  • Each stack holds one suit.
  • Place the cards here in Ace to King sequence to solve the puzzle (A, 2, 3, etc).

Tableau Stacks:

  • The place is down beside the play area.
  • Seven stacks, each with a random set of cards.
  • Sort the cards from King to Ace by stacking them in alternate colors (K, Q, J, etc).

Waste Piles / Draw:

  • Three fresh cards are dealt each time you draw.
  • To play the card below it, you must first play the card at the top.
  • You get three free recycles of the whole pile before you start losing points.


  • Use the Undo button if you make a mistake.
  • Uses are limitless, but you can only reverse the last action.
  • Enables looking at face-down cards and more; take use of this!

Finishing Early:

  • Not all decks can be solved!
  • Use the Finish button to conclude the game if there are no more moves left.
  • Knowing when your opponent has no more moves left to make may often be the difference between winning and losing.

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Is Solitaire Cube app free?

Solitaire Cube’s app version can be downloaded for 100 % free on both the Android and iOS platforms. It is meant to be easy to use and clear enough that everyone can see how it can help. If you play this game, you might be able to win real prizes. The traditional card game of solitaire will never be the same once you’ve played Solitaire Cube. It provides a fresh spin on the classic card game, Solitaire.

Promo Codes for Solitaire Cube: Get Cash Bonuses

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Do you really win money on Solitaire Cube?

The answer is yes! With Solitaire Cube, players have a chance to win prizes worth real money. Skillz, which has been in business since 2012, is responsible for the development of a number of mobile games, including the popular Solitaire Cube. Since then, they have not been associated with any fraudulent activities. This demonstrates that the games are completely above board. Because it is played in the same way as standard solitaire is, the game is not difficult to learn how to play. This is the ideal game for you to play if you are a fan of solitaire and are interested in earning some more cash.

Is solitaire luck or skill?

If you are Playing Solitaire Cube it is not that easy. A solid hand of cards and a strong opening hand are a matter of luck. Solitaire games are purely skill-based if you put in the effort to strategize and concentrate, you have a high chance of coming out on top. 

How do you withdraw money from Solitaire Cube?

In the same way that you may withdraw money from any other Skillz game, you can get your money out of Solitaire Cube by hitting the “Withdraw” button on the main menu. When it comes time to put the money that you withdrew from your Solitaire Cube account back in, you have the option of using PayPal or any other personal bank.

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Solitaire Cube is a legitimate mobile game that has been developed by Skillz it can be played on mobile devices. You can easily download the application. By learning the different strategies players can increase this chances of winning and they will receive real cash prizes.