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Most EFFECTIVE Bubble Cube 2 Strategies & Promo Codes!!

What is Bubble Cube 2?

Bubble Cube is a fast, interesting, and fun puzzle game. It is one of the top games developed by Skillz. The game is so easy to play by simply popping the bubbles and getting rid of them from the board by making color combinations. Bubble Cube 2 is a “game of skill” that is officially recognized and can be played for fun or in competitions where you can win real money prizes.

In this article, you will learn all about Bubble Cube 2.

Tips and Tricks to win in Bubble Cube 2

  1. Get 2 colors – The goal of the game is to get two colors in one bubble without touching any other bubbles. The player can use a variety of strategies to achieve this goal and score points.
  2. Take stock of the board -players take turns moving their pieces around the board, trying to get all their pieces into the same color group.
  3. Look for a shot that makes more bubble pop up
  4. The next color that you will fire will be given, used to plan combo
  5. You cant always fill the counter. So set up combos for the next round
  6. Build vertical branches
  7. Don’t clear too early or late
  8. Start creating and removing hanging clusters – Bubble Shooter games involve clearing puzzle bubbles. Shoot and bust the bubbles or sever their link to the puzzle. Unattached bubbles fall to the bottom of the game screen and burst. This helps clear rows of bubbles quickly with fewer shots.  Detached bubbles score more than popped ones. Detach more, score higher.
  9. Shoot at walls to increase range – Bubbles that hit barriers bounce and alter the trajectory. This direction modification lets you pop bubbles that are out of reach while firing straight. Bubble Shooter walls are a key strategic aspect. Test your shot’s bounce by aiming toward the walls. Note which bubbles you can reach with a bounce but not a direct shot, and see whether you can make or remove hanging bubbles.
  10. Hit the ball between the walls – In the same way as the last tip, you can also bounce your shot off the walls. When your shot bounces twice or three times, its path changes a lot, but the distance stays the same. This trick is especially helpful when there is a wall of bubbles in front of your weapon, making it hard to aim at bubbles in the middle of the puzzle.
  11. Make groups that are easy to split up – As was said in the last Bubble Shooter tip, you should move “unwanted” bubbles around the puzzle so that they don’t stack up. But if you’re smart, you can use these bubbles to your advantage and turn them into money-making assets to boost your score. The trick is to put them over a large group of the same-colored bubbles or, at the very least, between two of the same-colored bubbles. In both cases, this means that you only need one more bubble to pop that group or pair. When you pop them, the “unwanted” bubbles you put on them will fall and give you more points.
  12. Be quick or be patient – Online Bubble Shooter games can be hard in one of two ways. Either time is limited and the puzzle’s ceiling falls as the clock ticks, or you have a limited number of shooting balls and have to plan your shots carefully so you don’t run out and lose. So, depending on which Bubble Shooter game you choose, you either need to be quick and pop the bubbles before the ceiling comes down, or you need to be patient and think carefully before you shoot. Even if the game gets harder, all the old Bubble Shooter tricks still work. Even if you are in a hurry or need to save your weapons, these tips and tricks can still help you come up with a winning plan.
  13. Pay close attention to large groups of the same color – A great way to move through Bubble Shooter quickly and easily is to pop big groups of bubbles. When bubbles of the same color are connected, it means that all of them can be popped with a single, well-placed shot. When you get rid of a big group, you usually get a wide, clear path through the puzzle that lets you get to the higher bubbles. When the group covers the whole width of the puzzle, popping it means getting rid of one or more full rows at once, which takes out all the bubbles below those rows.
  14. Build a clear path – Building a clear path is a strategy that many experienced Bubble Shooter players use. Since you only have so much ammunition, you can’t pop all the bubbles one at a time or in the order they are closest to you. You should try to pop or separate as many bubbles as possible with each shot. So, your goal should be to clear a path to a big group of bubbles with the same color or to get to the top rows of the puzzle and try to break it down from above by making groups of bubbles that are hanging and then removing them.
  15. Get the walls clear – By bouncing the bubbles off the walls, you can pop bubbles that would be hard to reach if you just shot them straight. But you need to be able to get to the walls in order to bounce your shot off of them. A good way to win at Bubble Shooter is to get rid of the bubbles on the sides first so that your bubbles can bounce higher. Also, if you keep cleaning the sides of the puzzle, you’ll end up with a big group of hanging bubbles in the middle. By cutting the link between the group, you can easily get rid of several rows at once.
  16. Change your shot’s color – One common trick in Bubble Shooter that people often forget is that you can change the color of the bubbles you shoot. Fair enough, you can only switch between your current shooting bubble and the next one, but that can be very helpful on its own.
  17. Avoid stacking – In Bubble Shooter, it could be helpful to swap bubbles. This method doesn’t always work. It’s hard to shoot the right color in Bubble Shooter. You can’t just pop all the bubbles one after the other, or you’ll run out of shots. You could “waste” bullets while you wait for the right color. Spread your shots out over the width of the puzzle and don’t stack them. Stacking is risky because of two things. You lose if your puzzle hits the bottom bar of your weapon. When you stack, you make a long “stalactite” that leads to a bar. If you do something wrong, you might lose the game. Second, stacking makes a wall of bubbles that goes up and down. This wall could get in the way of important bubbles or make bouncing walls useless.
  18. Get in position before you shoot – Aim for something. Randomly firing your cannon won’t help you move on to the next level or get good scores. If you put bubbles in the wrong places, you might get extra blocks that make it harder to get points and clear the board. If you’re playing on a PC, point your mouse directly at the bubble or group of bubbles you want to pop. Use your finger to choose your target if you’re playing on an iPhone or Android.

Watch the video below and learn how to do it:

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How to Download Bubble Cube

  1. Download First the application.

2. After you download tap the ‘Play Now” button.

3. Create an account and rename your avatar. If you are an active player you can sign it directly.

4. Then tap the “Begin Match Now” to start the game.

Learn the top question about Bubble Cube 2

Top Questions About Skillz: Bubble Cube 2

How to play Bubble Cube

  1. To play, shoot bubbles onto the board. Drag anywhere to aim, and release to shoot. Connect 3+ bubbles of the same color to pop and score points

2. The Match Meter – Every match fills up the Match meter. If you run out of bubbles before you fill the meter, the board will drop. If the board drops too far, the game will end

Hooper – these are the next bubble to shoot

Match meter – this is the number of matches you need

3. Clearing colors – the color counter shows which colors are remaining. When you clear all bubbles of color (from the board and in the hopper) that color is gone for good. At the end of the game, you get bonuses for each color you’ve cleared.

4. Power-ups – each game features one type of power-up. Both players get the same power-up.

Bomb – Destroys nearby bubbles when it explodes

Ice – expands every round to fill nearby empty spaces.

Rainbow – takes on the color of whichever bubble it hits first.

2x – Every board also has bonus bubbles that multiply your score.

5. Timing is the Key – Each game starts with 2-3 minutes. All players in a match get the same timer, and the same bubbles in the same order. Keep scoring points until time runs out or you’ve cleared all of the bubbles. The player with the highest score wins!

How does Bubble Cube 2 work?

Bubble Cube 2 lets players participate in paid tournaments or free gaming modes. To earn more prizes, you must score better than your opponent, although you always win something.

Shoot bubbles onto a board to link three or more of the same hue. This pops linked bubbles and earns points. You may fire bubbles straight or off the walls for varied perspectives. You’ll always know what color bubble you’re firing and what’s in your hopper.

A meter fills as you match or burst linked bubbles with a shot. If you run out of bubbles before filling your match meter, new bubbles will be added. Unpopped bubbles on the board terminate the game. The game ends when the three-minute timer runs out or you clear all the bubbles.

You may also gain points by clearing colors and using 2X power-up bubbles. Clearing a color gives you 10% extra points for each color, with six total. Random power-ups may influence your approach in each round.

The different ways to play Bubble Cube 2 are as follows:

Practice: To play against another player, you need Z coins, which are the game’s virtual currency. Some of the prizes are Z coins, Leagues medals, and tickets.
Head-to-head: To play against another player, you need to have cash in your account. Cash, tickets, and Leagues medals are some of the prizes.
Challenges: To challenge someone, you need to have money in your account. Cash and tickets are among the prizes.
Brackets: To play against multiple other players, you need cash or Z coins. Prizes could be money, Leagues medals, Z coins, or tickets.
Events: To play against other players, you usually need a cash balance, and they may last for a certain amount of time. Cash and tickets are often part of the prizes. Most of the time, these are tournaments with a lot of players.
Once you’ve played enough games, you’ll be put into Leagues automatically. Anyone who has played enough games can take part in this free competition. Leagues is split into Pro and Practice sections based on what kinds of games you usually play.

When you play games and win medals, you can move up in the Leagues rankings. Pro players play for a prize pool of cash, while Practice players play for Z coins. After a certain amount of time, the rankings in a league start over.

Bubble Cube 2 Basic Rules:

  • Pop bubbles by shooting bubbles of the same color at them.
  • Use the walls to get the right angle for the bubbles.
  • Use the different power-ups in each game to your advantage to get high scores.
  • Clear the board of all bubbles to end the game.
  • The game also ends when a bubble hits the bottom or when time runs out.
  • Each match lasts for 3 minutes.

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Bubble Cube 2 is a game that can be played by both children and adults. It is advised that 17 years old or older should play those games that involve money and for children those free modes games. To begin playing, you can download easily the application and start to create an account. Winning in Bubble Cube is not an easy thing, but by learning some tricks you can increase your winning percentage. This will make you earn large cash prizes.