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Block Blitz Tips & Tricks to earn REAL Money!

What is Block Blitz?

Block Blitz is a fun puzzle game for people who like to use their brains and play games with numbers. I think it will be hard to bring the number down until 2048 is put together. The game gets harder as you move forward. Block Blitz gives you real cash rewards. It is one of the best brain and brain games for adults.

Block Blitz is a game like Tetris, but you move the blocks by dragging them to where you want them. You drag them to make block lines that go up and down and side to side. When you do this, you’ll free up space and get points. When you clear lines of blocks in two turns in a row, it will catch fire and give you bonus points.

Tips and Tricks to win in Block Blitz

  • Plan your moves ahead of time – The right way to play the game is not to just throw blocks down without thinking. When playing, pay attention to both the vertical and horizontal options. To get a better score, you need to plan your moves and stay at least two blocks ahead. In the game, you can see three blocks at the same time. Once you’ve placed all of the blocks from the first group, a new set of three blocks appears. This gives you a good chance to plan your moves and place blocks strategically to clear as many cells as possible.
  • Begin with the corners – The game’s rapid conclusion reduces your chances of scoring highly. To extend your time in the game, you must devise and implement a worthy plan. Working your way up by setting blocks from both corners is one such crucial tactic. This not only gives you additional options while moving horizontally and vertically but also makes it easier to fill up more space and prevent any middle-space voids. If you strictly adhere to this advice, the grid won’t quickly fill up and cause your game to terminate due to a lack of room to arrange the variously shaped blocks. Additionally, it can ultimately result in getting additional points. 
  • Early Game – Avoid leaving single spaces, especially in between shapes. Don’t clear shape too soon. try to fit the first few shapes together to create a 1-to-3 block gap on a line.
  • Always leave room for the 3×3 square piece – When the 3×3 square piece pops up all of a sudden, it can be a bummer. If you want to play the game for a long time and get high scores, you must always be on the lookout and plan to leave space. The point is to make space, not to fill it up. Clearing out cells to make room for more shapes is how you earn points. So, make sure you leave a 9-square space for the 3×3 block every time it comes up.
  • Mid-Game – Get as many Combos as possible. If your last move in a given group of shapes didn’t clear any line, when you get a new group of shapes, try to use the shapes that will not clear any lines first; if your last move in a group cleared lines, with the new group of 3 shapes, try to use shapes that can clear line to get streaks tight away. In this way, you can increase the possibility of getting long streaks and a high combo score.
  • Your final score will consist of a Basic Score (the number of blocks the shapes placed occupy x 10), a Performance Score (score based on the number of lines cleared), and a Combo Score (score awarded for streaks). The key to a high score is achieving a high Combo Score by getting as many Combos as possible.

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How to set up Block Blitz

  1. Download the application

2. Tap the ‘Play’ button

3. Sign in if you are an existing player or sign up if you are new. You can change also your avatar name.

4. Tap the ‘Begin Match Now”

How does the game Block Blitz work?

  • Clear lines and hit power-ups to get points!
  • Start a fire! Power Bolt: Clear at least one line on each of your next two turns to score big. Get bonus points by getting rid of more than one line in one turn. 
  • Your opponent has 3 minutes to beat you.

Common questions about Block Blitz

How much you can earn in Block Blitz?

If you win a game, you get Ticketz, which you can use to trade in for prizes.

  • New username change for 3k Ticketz
  • $5 bonus cash for 80k Ticketz
  • Skillz fidget spinner for 120k Ticketz
  • Phone case for 160k Ticketz
  • Skillz beanie for 340k Ticketz
  • Apple charging station for 400k Ticketz
  • Veggie spiralizer for 600k Ticketz
  • Magic Bullet blender for 800k Ticketz
  • Nimbus wireless controller for 900k Ticketz
  • $100 Amazon gift card for 2.2m Ticketz
  • Fitbit Charge 3 for 3m Ticketz
  • $500 bonus cash for 5.5m Ticketz
  • 40″ flat screen smart TV for 9.1m Ticketz
  • Sony 4k projector for 110m Ticketz
  • Rolex Submariner Date for 180m Ticketz
  • Porsche Boxter for 1.2b Ticketz

Is Block Blitz legit?

The answer is yes. Is Block Blitz a legit mobile game that allows players to earn real money by playing the game? It is one of the best mobile games in the world. It has a high rating on Google Play Store and is well-known among its players.

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Block Blitz is a game like Tetris, but you move the blocks by dragging them to where you want them. It is a legitimate game that is easy to play and offers real cash rewards. You can download it for free. Winning is not that easy but using techniques can increase your chance of winning.