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Ultimate Guide in Winning Spider Solitaire Cube and Promo Codes!

What is Spider Solitaire Cube?

Spider Solitaire Cube is a classic version of solitaire, built to play with others. With a few simple taps and swipes, you can play solitaire with your friends and family online. The Spider Solitaire Cube app is available to both iOS and Android users.

The goal of the card game Spider Solitaire is to arrange the cards in runs according to their suits in decreasing order, starting with the King and working your way down to the Ace. When a player finishes a run, the token representing that run is taken from the table. When there are no more spaces left on the table or when you are unable to make any more movements, the game is ended.

You have the option of competing against other genuine gamers in head-to-head matches or taking part in multiplayer events in which you may win real money. During competitive gaming, both players compete to solve the same deck while betting real money on the outcome of their games. You will gain points for each entire stack that you create. If you complete the game with the most points, not only do you win the game, but you also receive the prizes that were bet for the prize pool.

Tips and Tricks to win in Spider Solitaire Cube

About 8 out of 10 Spider Solitaire games can be won. The rest can’t be won. Even though it’s possible to win most games, it doesn’t happen very often. But the following tips can help you increase your chances of winning while you play.

1. Reveal the face-down cards whenever you can.

Uncovering hidden cards is the greatest technique to generate a new set of potential actions. It is also an efficient method for making a waste bin. When you’ve exhausted all other options, and there’s still a card hiding under a king, use the clearest column to reveal it.

2. Start Early by Making Empty Stacks

Rearrange the deck by removing cards from the columns with the fewest. It’s possible to temporarily make use of empty piles to insert cards while rearranging sequences into a completely filled structure; moving cards to vacant places allows you to flip additional cards.

Check the mixed and single-suit sequences you have that are facing forward. Separate apart the suits and rearrange the sequences that don’t match. Check to see which cards are still needed to complete a sequence, then make your next action based on that.

3. Make sure you don’t lose sight of the big picture of the game

In Solitaire Spider, one of the most effective strategies is to create stacks of the same suit, but you need also consider the layout of the cards on the tableau as a whole.

Focusing on the here and now might cause you to lose sight of the game’s history, which you should remember at all times. We need to practice patience and wait for the best outcome. The ability to create or finish various sequences and progress in the game may be unlocked by constructing a mixed stack. If you have an understanding of which cards are likely to be face down, this strategy may also help you disclose more cards.

Mixed stacks may sometimes result in an empty column, which is preferable than a partial sequence of one suit.

4. Select “Undo” From the menu.

Strategy in Spider Solitaire requires quick thinking. You may play worry-free online games such as MPL’s Spider Solitaire thanks to the inclusion of an undo button. You may use this to go back to the most recent event and do the action you should have performed.

You may learn how your actions alter the game’s architecture with the aid of the undo feature. Pretend you are trying to form a sequence out of two cards with the same suit and number. You may experiment with shifting both at once using the undo button and see what other transformations are possible. You should go for the one that gives you the greatest shot of winning.

5. Make Use of the Clues At Hand

There’s a reason why hints are accessible at any time during gameplay. Since the clock is always ticking in MPL games, using the Hint button might help players save time when they just can’t come up with a good strategy. When you’re stuck, utilize the Hint button in addition to Undo to get out of a jam.

6. Never Waste an Opportunity

Spider Solitaire games often come down to the wire. For instance, you could encounter a game situation that causes a card to flip in a certain column by pure chance.

Although you can reach there in only two moves, you discover that by switching the sequence of the cards (which requires four moves instead of two) you can both turn that hidden card and the hidden card in another column. It’s important to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of a course of action before committing to it.

7. Remove an Early Column if Possible

In Spider Solitaire, leaving columns empty is a critical strategic move. If there is a whole column of cards from king to ace, just the top card is used. When a column is deleted, its place is taken with an empty one.

To rearrange the sequences, you’ll need a place to temporarily store the cards. Forging stronger, more efficient card builds because of this.

8.Change the order of the columns

After you’ve got your tableau in order, you may move the columns around. Simply put, you should check out any incomplete sequences of one suit and attempt to combine them into complete stacks.

Consider a situation in which you have almost a full sequence, missing only a 2 and an Ace, but you also have a partial stack beginning with a 4 and ending with an Ace in another column. Split this last stack and send the remaining cards from the first stack to the Foundations. Even while it’ll set you back a round and a few points, it may be the difference between success and defeat.

9.Use a Blank Column Wisely

Nearly all of the tactics discussed here require players to have at least one empty column. Keep your cards in an empty column while you temporarily move them to a different column.

Remove cards from the columns of the tableau that have the lowest values. Use empty piles as temporary storage while reorganizing card sequences into natural constructions; flip cards by moving them to the vacant slots. Double-check by keeping an eye on the current situation and acting only when the game dictates it.

10. Get your piles in order!

Never pass up a chance to go ahead by putting your attention instead on putting things in order and cleaning up your piles. If you don’t have something better to use as a base, use the empty space you have.

Examine your open cards carefully to see whether you have any sequences formed (either mixed or with simply one suit). You should break up any mixed sequences you have into stacks of just one suit if at all feasible. It’s also a good time to take stock of your progress toward completing a sequence and see which cards you’re still lacking.

11. Try to Flip the Most Cards You Can

Determine your odds of winning by flipping as many cards as possible. So, you can use this to your advantage in two ways: finding secret cards and trying out different strategies. If feasible, attempt to create a suit-based card sequence.

12. Kings Access the go to the open Columns 

A King cannot be played atop any other card in Spider Solitaire. But there are early situations when you would wish to place another card in an empty column in the hopes of moving it somewhere after the deal. There will be more room in the column for restacking if you do this.

13. Find Out How to Take a King Out

The majority of Spider Solitaire experts agree that while there is just one vacant column, the King should never be moved there; rather, it should be removed only when there are empty spaces in two or more columns. Although this approach has been hailed as effective, it is not always feasible.

When kings pack in too many columns, defeat is inevitable since they can’t all be toppled at once. With just one clean column available, it is prudent to move the King there. The benefits of this method are often outweighed by the costs, thus many people avoid it.

Click to video below and learn how to do it:

How to play Spider Solitaire Cube?

Setup & Dealing

No matter how hard the game is, the setup is usually the same, but the goal is slightly different. Setup for Spider Solitaire is made up of the following:

Mix together two standard decks of 52 cards (minus the Jokers).

Place 10 cards face down in a line across the table. This is where your tableau piles start.

Start moving cards to your piles. The first four players should each have five cards (last card face up). Only four cards should be in the last six (last card face up).

Place the rest of the cards on the table with their faces down. “Stock” is another word for these cards. When you can’t move with the cards on your tableau, you can draw from the stock pile.

Now that you understand how Spider Solitaire works, you can start putting together your suit sequences.

Organize your Suit into Sequences.

In the game of Two-Suit Spider, your objective is to construct and eliminate the red and black suits from the board. Given that you have two decks at your disposal, you will need to construct and discard four suits in all (two red suits and two black suits).

Spider Solitaire with two suits requires you to clear the board by forming descending sequences (King to Ace) of the same suit. Note, however, that only sequences of the same hue may be moved from one column to another. Color patterns that are opposite each other can’t be swapped.

Expose the Cards Hiding Under Each Stack.

Let’s say you decide to shift a Queen of Hearts that is now visible onto a King of Diamonds that is located in another column. At this point, you are required to reveal the card that the Queen was sitting on before to the move.

During the course of the game, you are not permitted to turn any revealed card over with its face down. When you have finished clearing out a column, you have the option of moving cards

When you’re at a loss for a card, go for the stockpile.

When there are no further movements to be made on the tableau, you may draw a single card from the stock. This is done by revealing the top stock card and placing it face up on one of the 10 base piles.

It’s time to get rid of those finished suit sequences.

To get rid of a suit, you need to form a run of Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Kings, starting with either a red or black suit. Don’t put the finished runs in with the stock, it would make things too simple for you.

The game is over when all eight potential suit sequences have been built and removed from the board. Unlike older versions of Spider, the Windows edition (and most other computer versions) now maintains score of your every move. One point is deducted for each play, while a whole sequence is worth 100 points.


You can get points in two main ways:

Base score: This is the number of points you get when you make a good move. You get +200 points for every full stack you make, and +50 points for each face-down card in the tableau that you turn over.

Time bonus: For every second left on the clock after the game is over, you get +4 points.

It’s important to remember that you can also lose points if you use Undo after turning over face-down cards

How to download Spider Solitaire Cube

  1. Download the application.

2. Tap the ‘Play Now” button.

3. Just sign in if you are an existing player and if you are new create an account. You can also rename your avatar name.

4. Tap the “Begin match now” button

Game instructions

  1. Tableau Stacks – the goal is to clear all of the cards from the upper Tableau Stacks. Clear cards by placing them in King to Ace order. Any stack can be moved to an empty cell.

2. Reserve Pile – Draw cards from the reserve pile when you run out of the moves in the Tableau stacks. Reserve cards are drawn into every Tableau stack.

3. Finishing the game – Each game has 5 minutes limit and you score bonus points for finishing early, but not all decks can be solved. If you can’t find any more moves, tap the Finish button before time runs out.


The game starts with 78 cards that are all the same suit. Depending on your settings, they can all be clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades. But each card has only one suit. These cards can then be grouped into six stacks of 13 cards each in sequential order — Aces to Kings.

The Tableau stacks and the Draw pile are the two groups of cards that make up the playing area. At the start of the game, the Tableau stacks are arranged so that 30 cards are face-down and 8 are face-up. You will need to drag and drop the cards to put them in order from highest to lowest. For example, if there’s an eight facing up, you can only place a seven below it.

If you can’t use any of the cards in the tableau, tap the Draw Pile to put a random card under each stack in the Tableau. Then you can start arranging the cards.

When you get rid of a stack, it will be taken off the board, leaving a spot open. Unlike with Klondike Solitaire, you can place any card in the empty stack.

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Benefits of playing Spider Solitaire Cube

1. You can relax by playing Spider Solitaire.

Spider Solitaire is the best game to play when you want to calm your mind and keep stressful thoughts away. It helps people who have a lot of anxiety or worry a lot. The game distracts you from your stressful thoughts by giving you something else to think about.

2. Playing the game keeps you entertained and on the go.

During the epidemic, when everyone was stuck inside their houses and trying to kill time, Spider Solitaire became a huge hit. The game is still an excellent antidote to monotony, even if more and more venues are opening and the pandemic worry is fading as people get used to the “new normal.” You can pull out your phone and play a fast 1v1 or 1vN battle whenever you have a few minutes to kill, whether you’re on the road or just bored at work. Tournaments are also available, with the chance of winning substantial prizes. You need not worry about the game becoming repetitive since each round only lasts 90 seconds.

3. As a result, you learn to appreciate the benefits of patience and restraint.

When learning the game, beginners have a tendency to move the cards as rapidly as possible. As a matter of fact, they use up all of their draw piles and still can’t win. However, this is a bad tactic since it forces you to constantly block the cards in front of the tableaus as you draw from the stockpile.

Studying the game screen and the cards shown in front of the columns is the greatest tactic. Waiting a long before shuffling the deck is a good strategy, as is making sure your next move won’t be blocked. The more you play, the more you appreciate the benefits of patiently waiting for something you want.

You need to practice delayed gratification in your professional and personal life. Unfortunately, this is a talent that most individuals miss out on developing throughout childhood.

4. The game teaches you how to appreciate your alone time

Most individuals are terrified of being alone. They are continually seeking for social interaction and companionship. If the epidemic taught you anything, however, it’s to be at ease in your own company and appreciate your own time. Starting with a game of Spider Solitaire is a great approach to learn to appreciate your own company. The online version of the game is competitive, and it encourages you to break out of your shell. Aside from the obvious social benefits, online tournaments also provide an opportunity to test one’s mettle against new opponents while potentially winning substantial prizes. Relaxing at the end of a long day is possible thanks to the game.

5. There is an increase in one’s intellectual capacity

Spider Solitaire is a relaxing mind game with many cognitive advantages. Even if the game puts participants in a meditative state, the mind still needs to examine the cards and continually make judgments.

Doing these basic things concurrently and on a regular basis may have a profound effect on your cognitive capacities, preparing you to succeed under pressure.

6. Playing the game can boost memory.

Spider Solitaire’s advantages, in contrast to those of most mobile games, are mostly unnoticeable to the player. Enhancements to one’s capacity for remembering information are one such example. A good memory is not necessary to participate in the game, but it is necessary to win. When you play the game on a regular basis, you strengthen your memory and learn to apply it in other contexts.

7.Playing Spider Solitaire may teach you valuable things.

Because of its prevalence in popular culture, the word “procrastination” is often connected with Spider Solitaire. The game is really highly instructive and may help you learn important skills. These abilities are applicable to everyday life. The game may serve as a useful tool for learning life lessons, such as how to control your emotions in tense circumstances or defer pleasure. In the future, when you’re faced with challenging issues in your personal or professional life, you may go back to these lessons. The game also demonstrates the value of pausing for a moment in order to gain a strategic advantage later on.

Key features of the Spider Solitaire Cube

Fair contests

In head-to-head games and pro-league tournaments, you can be sure that you’ll be matched up with players who are about as good as you are. So, you have a fair chance of winning the match and getting the prizes.

I think you should try a few practice games first before putting your skills to the test in the real money games. When you’re ready to step up your solo experience, bet your bonus money along with the money you put in to set up your match.

Win real rewards

Players from more than 75% of the world can take part in cash tournaments. Show off your skills and move up the leaderboards to be in the running for the big bucks. Players who live in places like Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Tennessee, and others where prize tournaments are not allowed can still play a fun game and win virtual currency.

Easy-to-use touch controls and smooth animation

The team at Tether Studios worked very hard to make sure that playing on all devices was smooth. So, whether you have an Apple or Android device, you can usually expect a good user experience with smooth animation and easy-to-use controls.

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Spider Solitaire Cube is a classic version of solitaire, built to play with others. With a few simple taps and swipes, you can play solitaire with your friends and family online. The Spider Solitaire Cube app is available to both iOS and Android users. Winning in Solitaire Cube is not an easy thing but with the use of different tricks you can manage to increase your chance of winning. Playing also with Spider Solitaire gives you not only a fun experience it also helps you in so many ways like mental health.