EASY way(tips and tricks) to Win Cube Cube Skillz game!
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EASY Way(Tips And Tricks) To Win Real Money In Cube Cube Skillz Game!

Cube Cube is a mobile game developed by Skillz. It is an addictive puzzle game that has a deep strategy and can be played for free on your mobile device. It’s a great way to pass time and it’s also an easy way to make win some cash while playing games, too!

Cube Cube is a step up from Tetris. It’s a race against the clock, and you get points for putting down pieces and erasing lines. In Cube Cube the pieces don’t just fall from the top. Instead, they show up under the game board. This lets you decide which of the three parts you want to use first and in what order. You can also break lines in both horizontal and vertical directions. You can stop playing if you run out of space, but you can’t lose if you cross the top of the board. This is important to know because if you try to avoid stacking your blocks too high, you can lose a lot of points. For you to win a game of Cube Cube, you must get more points than your opponent.

In this article, you learn all about Cube Cube.

Tips and tricks to win in Cube Cube


  1. In our timed games, every move matters. You get 3 minutes for each match to see how many points you can get.
  2. Clear multiple rows with one move and score Combo Bonuses.
  3. Clear rows in back-to-back turns to score Streak Bonuses.
  4. Bonuses are the key to victory, but they can also gum up your board.


  • Build in the corner of the board and stick 1 half of the board as much as possible.
  • Some shapes are naturally fit for each other so learn the pieces that go together and watch for them.
  • If you are in a multiplayer tournament leave enough space for big shapes because you will not know what shapes are coming next.
  • In piling the shapes make sure that you will have a piece that fits different pieces like 3×3, 5 long lines, and many more. If not leave an open space for it even if sacrificing potential streaks, because it’s better to lose a point than to lose a game.
  • Going to streak is a better strategy than going to combos because it has more points. Once you have a streak don’t stop until you can streak no more.
  • If you don’t have a streak going on and you have 1 piece to make a clear, always make a clear on the third move so you will have an active streak to make going to the next round.

Watch the video below for an actual tutorial:

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How to download Cube Cube

  1. Start downloading the application on Plays store or Apple store.

2. After you download, open the application and click the “Play Now” button.

3. Create an account and rename your avatar. If you are an active player you can sign it directly.

4. Then tap the “Begin Match Now” to start the game.

How to play Cube Cube

  1. Place and Clear – drag shapes from the bottom to place them on the board. Fill an entire row or column to clear it from the board.
  2. Shapes – once you place all three shapes, new shapes will appear. You and your opponent get the same shapes in the same order.
  3. Combos- Score a Combo Bonus by clearing more than one row or column at a time. The more rows in the combo, the bigger the bonus.

4. Streaks – Score a streak Bonus by clearing rows or columns in back-to-back turns. Streaks are the best way to score big.

5. Plan Ahead – if no shape can be placed on the board, the game ends early.

Cube Cube Rules of the game

  • One-by-one, place the pieces.
  • After placing all three, fresh pieces emerge.
  • Clear rows and columns to get points.
  • As quickly as possible, clear rows or columns.
  • When time runs out or you can’t put additional pieces, the game ends.
  • Matches last 3 minutes.

Learn about FAQ About Skillz Cube Cube

FAQ About Skillz Cube Cube

Scoring on Cube Cube

Cube scores vary greatly based on piece sequence. Over 10,000 points is great, but can you get over 20,000? Or 30,000? Strive!

Cube Cube has three scoring methods.

  • Placing pieces
  • Clearing pieces
  • Streaks and combos

Placing pieces:

  • +10 per block.
  • Each block piece is worth 10 points, etc.

Clearing pieces:

  • +10 per cleared block.
  • Each cleared row or column is 100 points.

Streaks and combos:

  • Multiple rows or columns cleared in one motion.
  • The biggest component fills 5 rows and 1 column, limiting combo size to 6.
  • Bigger combinations score more.

+300 for 2 rows/columns

+600 for 3 rows/columns

+1000 for 4 rows/columns

+1500 for 5 rows/columns

6 rows/columns=+2100


  • Back-to-back rows or columns cleared.
  • Due to the 10×10 board size, the maximum is 10.
  • Longer streaks score more.

2x “Great Streak” +250

+400 points (3x “Super Streak”

+550 points for 4x “Mega Streak”

+700 points for 5x “Awesome Streak”

+850 points for 6x “Monster Streak”

7x “Crazy Streak” +1000

“Insane Streak” 8x = +1150

9x “Ultra Streak”=+1300 points

“Master Streak” 10x = +1450

Here are some of the different ways to play Cube Cube:

Practice: Play a game with another person using Z coins. There are Z coins, tickets, and medals as prizes.

Head-to-head: Use your cash to play against another player. There are medals, tickets, and cash as prizes.

VS friends: Use your cash balance to play against someone on your friends list. Cash and tickets are among the prizes.

Brackets: Use your cash or Z coins to play against three or more other players. Cash, Z coins, tickets, and medals could be given out as prizes.

Events: Take part in a multi-player tournament that usually requires you to use cash. The rules for each event could be different, but cash and tickets are often given away as prizes.

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The game known as Cube Cube is one that may be effortlessly downloaded and played. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to win real cash prizes ranging from $1 to $265, the amount of which is determined by the size of the tournaments in which you participate. You may think it’s impossible to win in Cube Cube, but there are several tactics that might help you improve your chances of doing so.