COMPLETE Tips and Tricks on how to Cook the game Big Cooking and use Promo Codes to get CASH back!!!
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A COMPLETE Guide to win on Big Cooking: Hints, Tips, and Promo Codes

What is Big Cooking?

Big Cooking is a new game for iOS and Android that lets you compete with other players to cook as quickly as possible in a time-management style. There are a lot of games like this, but this is the first one where you and other players can compete.

The US company Big Run Studios announced its first cooking simulation game, Big Cooking. Like most of Big Run’s games, Big Cooking is built on the Skillz platform, which lets players compete against each other in skill tournaments and win real money. The player’s best cooking skills will be put to the test when they have to serve customers while juggling all the open orders in different kitchens. The game has a beautiful look and is fun to play. As players progress, they will unlock new recipes. Players can also travel to different countries to unlock new kitchens and compete in tournaments to win real money.

Tips and Tricks to win in Big Cooking

  • Organize your mind – you can get pretty overwhelmed when you see that you’ve got 5 customers in line, ordering and waiting for food. you need to organize stuff. First, tap on the dish that needs preparing, because there’s a certain amount of time that needs to be cooked. Then, if your customer has bigger order, while you’re waiting for the first one to prepare, give them the dish that doesn’t need preparing.
  • Don’t lose customers – earn enough money so you can upgrade Kitchen to cater to large orders so that your customer will not be angry.
  • You need to cook fast – it’s important to cook fast so you can serve all the customers. In order for you to cook fast different recipes here are some of the top tricks you can use:

Watch the sample video on how to play a certain dish:

Promo Codes for Big Cooking

Here is the list of promo codes for Big Cooking where you can get an extra cash bonus.

  • TechMIKEig – get a free $30 bonus
  • YT-TheRealPoolKing – get a free $20 bonus
  • DarkJediSA – get a $10 Bonus Cash
  • Lottacheese – get a $10 Bonus Cash on your first deposit and then $5 on your second deposit.
  • Apget5 – get free bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.
  • 2F05J – get an extra $10 in bonus cash when you make your first Skillz deposit by using the promo code.
  • 1KEAB – get up to $30 in bonus cash.
  • AnnaD777 – get $15 in free bonus cash.
  • YourDriverMike – get a $20 bonus cash when you make your first deposit in any Skillz game.

How to setup Big Cooking APK:

APK (Android Package Kit) files are the raw files of an Android app. Find out in 4 easy steps how to put the big-cooking.apk file on your phone:

  • You can use any of our download mirrors to get the big-cooking.apk file on your device. 99% certain and safe.
  • Allow apps from outside the Play Store to run on your device: Go to Menu » Settings » Security » . Click “Sources You Don’t Know.” On Android 8, you will be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs.
  • Find the file called “big-cooking.apk,” and then click “Install”: Read all on-screen prompts and click “Yes” or “No” accordingly.
  • After installation, the Big Cooking app will appear on the home screen of your device.

Big Cooking Features:

  • Compete and win real money if you know how to manage the steps of cooking well.
  • Keep your customers happy and get big tips by juggling their orders.
  • Visit kitchens in places like New York City, Italy, Mexico, and more.
  • Unlock more kitchen stations and advanced recipes!
  • The game is quick, easy, and fun, and it has beautiful graphics and great music.
  • The portrait mode makes it easy to play with one hand.

The goal of the game

Put every player’s culinary skills to the test as they compete for head to head with other players to whip up the best drinks, entrees, and desserts then quickly serve them up to happy customers! The one who get the highest score will win the game.

Scoring in Big Cooking

Perfect = 600 points

Fast Order = 200-300 points

Good = 150-175 points

Okay = 1-50 points

Big Cooking’s pros and cons


The Big Cooking game is easy to play.

PROS:  Can be played anywhere at any time thru mobile 


Big Cooking has no cons.

Big Cooking: Benefits

  • It’s easy to play The Big Cooking.
  • The way the Big Cooking game works is fine.
  • Users can use setting options in the Big Cooking Mobile game.
  • Mail is a good way to get help with The Big Cooking.
  • Big Cooking is free to play.

Big Cooking: Pricing

Starting from: Free

Pricing model: Free

Free Trial: Price is Free

The price of The Big Cooking Game is free. This means you can enjoy the Big Cooking Game to the fullest.

The Big Cooking Game gives you an easy-to-use and effective way to run your business, and Big Cooking lets you focus on what’s most important. It’s easy to use, and maybe you’ll love it. You can use Big Cooking on an iPhone.

Is the Big Cooking game legit?

Yes! Big Cooking is a legit application that you can get from the App Store or Google Play. People often wonder if online games that let you win real money are a scam. In this case, over 2,300 ratings and reviews of Blackout Bingo have given it a score of 4.6 out of 5. It is made by Big Run’s games and sold in the App Store.

Check the review below from players

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Big Cooking is a legit mobile game that lets you compete with other players to cook as quickly as possible in a time-management style. It was developed by Big Run Studios and built on the Skillz platform which lets players compete against each other in skill tournaments and win real money. Winning in Big Cooking is easy if you know the techniques about how to prepare dishes accurately and with speed.